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Traveling with your Toddler - Faqs and Tips
* What to pack - medical kit and the etceteras
* When you travel by Car with a toddler(s)  
• Car travel can be your best option if you are traveling across the country because it affords you the freedom and privacy but it also entails frequent stops. The most obvious advantage will also be familiarity but the disadvantage to consider.. Read More
  ## 1) Food for your child when traveling
  ## 2) Entertainment for your child during the journey
* When you travel by Plane with toddler(s)  
For many parents traveling by air can be rather challenging, nothing short of a nightmare! Some toddlers can have a terrifying experience and for parents, an embarrassing one. Vacationing takes a whole new meaning because.. Read More
  ## 1) Things to consider when making seat reservations
  ## 2) About in-flight meals | When traveling with toddler(s)
  ## 3) About in-flight Entertainment
* When you travel by Train | with toddler(s)  
The first thing that comes to mind about train journeys are the wonderful sights and the ample space trains offer. There is no need to be strapped most of the time, no need to deal with cramped quarters as would be the case with air and road travel. You can walk down the aisles with your kid.. Read More
  ## 1) A word on Travel Sickness

A word on Travel Sickness

Many young children between the ages of 2 and 12 are susceptible to travel or motion sickness when traveling in cars, boats, trains or planes. Symptoms include nausea, throwing up, headache and dizziness. It is caused by the incessant movement of the transport thereby affecting the body's balancing system located in the inner ear. Other reasons include too full or too empty a stomach, anxiety and excitement, stuffy surroundings and some particular smell that doesn't go too well with your child. Your child may turn pale and go very quiet before showing further symptoms. A good tip will be to avoid heavy, greasy foods, fizzy drinks, milk and chocolate but in its place opt for light meals before the trip. Pack some anti-nausea medications approved by your doctor. If you are traveling by road, keep the car well-ventilated by keeping a window open and avoid smoking in the interior. Avoid games that involve coloring or reading since focusing on near objects aggravates the situation and direct your child's attention to things outside the car in the distance. Keep spare clothes handy.

Now that you are set to Go... A gentle reminder -don't have expectations when it comes to the provisions you will need for your kid and a change in behavior and you won't be disappointed. With careful planning, a good checklist and packing according to that list, your trip should go problem-free, at least in areas within your control. The rest will all depend on an open mind so keep it open!


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