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Baby extras (18 months old Toddler)

Parenting Tips

• Try to deal with your own stress before you start to deal with your child.

• Love is your child's most important need. Never tell your child that you don't love her.

• Give your child your full attention when she is telling you something.

• Always be consistent with your child.

• Most children from 18 months to three years can be frustrating - yours is not the only one.

• Praise good behavior.

• Give your child choices when you can.

• If you have to say, try to explain why.

• Try not to pick fights about little things.

• If you get it wrong, say so and apologize

• Try to stay in control - remember you are supposed to be the mature one not your child.

Toddler Aggression - the causes

Here are reasons why your toddler is prone to aggression:

• Being prevented from doing something he wants to do or having difficulty in being understood.

• Is too young to understand that certain physical actions can hurt.

• Feeling emotionally stressed, insecure or unloved.

• Feeling jealous, such as after the arrival of a new baby.

• Imitating an adult or an older child who is aggressive towards him.

• Reaction to certain foods.

• Fatigue and hunger.

• Boisterous - such children exhibit their energy and enthusiasm in a more aggressive manner than shy or placid children.

• Not being able to let off steam through physical outdoor activities.

• Watching violent and aggressive television characters getting away with their behavior.

• Experiencing continual criticism or punishment.

The Overindulged Toddler

Every child needs to be pampered or indulged once in a while. She needs your love, time and attention. These make a child feel secure and loved; but when a child is given too many possessions or anything she asks for, is constantly the center of attention, is seldom or never disciplined, she will grow up expecting the world to revolve around her all the time and becomes very demanding. Striking the balance between love and over-indulgence can be tricky. Some situations when your child is overindulged include when she is frequently ill or when the mother is working or the parents are separated. Spoiling the child is also common in families if the child is an only or much longed for child or if she is the first or only grandchild. Your intentions may be good but spoiling your toddler may lead to behavioral and social problems as she gets older. A spoilt or overindulged child is likely to be:

• Unpopular with other children because she always wants her own way

• Insecure because no limits have been set on the way she behaves

• Greedy because she expects to get more than others

• Selfish because she has never been taught to share

• Disobedient because she has always been allowed to do what she wants

• Inconsiderate of other people's feelings

• Impossible to satisfy

• Constantly whining or moaning

• Rude and bad mannered.

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