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Expectation you can Expect as a Mum

Babies are such a nice way to start people' - Don Herold

Expect - to miss being pregnant coz that was the easy part.

Expect - disappointment if you don't breastfeed. If you do, EXPECT to discover that breastfeeding speeds up weight loss to be just a Myth.

Expect - to do everything else but nap when your baby is napping. If you nap, EXPECT to feel guilty for not doing the chores.

Expect - to sterilize the pacifier and everything else your newborn touches. And when your baby turns six months old, you will consider wiping your pacifier clean on your jeans the way to go.

Expect - yourself to be the one to hear your baby's stirs while your husband sleeps through the stirring, feeding and diapering.

Expect - to be in your nightgown at lunch, dinner and bedtime and then wonder where the morning has gone.

Expect - your husband to bond much later than you and yet find your baby's first words to be "Da Da."

Expect - to trust nobody else with your baby no matter how qualified.

Expect - smelly spit ups on your shoulder just when you are about to go out.

Expect - to change diapers just as you sit down to a meal or when your flight takes off.

Expect - your weekends and holidays to be different from now on.

Expect - sex to be the last thing on your mind and the first thing on your husband's.

Expect - to understand why a baby could never salvage a marriage.

Expect - to take a while in zipping up your jeans.

Expect - to find sit-ups an ordeal

Expect - to fall in love with the toothless smile.

Expect - to find food on your sofa, carpet and everywhere else.

Expect - phone conversations to be interrupted.

Expect - baby rearing to be the most difficult job you have ever had with no lunch break, vacation or sick leave.

Expect - to believe your baby will always need you.

Expect - legos and puzzle pieces to prevent you from walking barefoot around the house again.

Expect - long drives to be a thing of the past.

Expect - Barney to replace Sonu Nigam.

Expect - the remote and the phone to be your baby's favorite toys.

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