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Birth to 8 months: Young Infants

Watch me Grow
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I Learn Who I Am

I learn about my body.

• I suck on my fingers or hands.

• I study them.

• I discover that my hands and feet are part of me.

• I can move them.

• I learn to trust your love.

• I learn I can depend on you if you come when I cry.

• I feel secure when you hold me in your arms.

• I feel good when you smile at me.

• I learn my world is safe to explore when you watch over me.

• I learn to comfort myself.

• I may suck my fingers or hands; it soothes me.

• As I grow, I can wait a few minutes because I have learned you will always come.

• I can make things happen.

• I can shake a rattle and make a sound.

• I can kick a mobile and make it move.

• I can smile and you will smile back at me.

I Learn About My Feelings

I can show you many feelings: pleasure, anger, fear, sadness, excitement and joy.

• I smile and wiggle to show you I like playing with you.

• I frown or cry when you stop paying attention or playing with me.

• I laugh aloud sometimes with a belly laugh.

• Sometimes I need you to help me with my feelings.

• I need you to try to understand how I feel.

• I need you to comfort me when I am upset or frightened.

• I need you to protect me when I feel overwhelmed.

• I share my deepest feelings. I know and trust you.

• My smile is brightest for you.

• Sometimes I cry when you pick me up at childcare. Sometimes it's because I've missed you. Sometimes I'm just fussy. I know you'll understand.

• I can protest strongly when I am upset. I know you will be there for me no matter what.

• I'll show you more of my feelings than I may show others.

I Learn About People, Objects and How Things Work

I can tell the difference between people I know and people I do not know.

• I recognize my parents' voices.

• I relax more when I am with you and other people I know.

• I sometimes am afraid of strangers.

• I prefer the special people in my life such as my mom, my dad or my grandmother. I may begin to act differently and fearful of strangers, even at this young age.

• I sometimes cry if a stranger gets too close to me or looks at me directly in the eyes.

• I may cry or cling to you until I know I am safe with a new person.

• I like to be with you.

• I like to be held by you.

• I like to play with you. You are more interesting than all my toys.

• I like you to talk softly and smile at me. I smile and "talk" back to you.

• You are the most important person in my life.

• I learn about how the world works.

• I like to look around and see new things.

• I like to play games with you, like peek-a-boo and hide-n-seek.

• When I want you to keep playing knee ride, I know I should keep bouncing up and down.

I Learn To Move and Do

At first, my body moves automatically.

• I search for something to suck.I turn my head when something blocks my breathing.

• I turn my head or close my eyes when it is too bright.

• Within a few months, I begin to learn to use my fingers and hands.

• I put my hand and objects in my mouth.

• I can hold something, let go, and get hold of it again.

• I can move an object from one hand to another.

• Over time, I move my body with purpose.

• I can hold my head up.

• I can roll over.

• I can sit without your help.

• I have favorite positions. But I like change! It feels good to move from being on my back to my stomach to sitting up.

• I can crawl by myself.

• I may even be able to stand up if I hold on to you.

I Learn To Communicate and Relate

I can tell you things even as a newborn.

• I cry to tell you I need you.

• I communicate through the expressions on my face and gestures.

• I have different cries, facial expressions and body movements to tell you I am sleepy, hungry, wet, frightened, uncomfortable or just need a break.

• Within a few months, I develop new ways to communicate.

• I learn to make many different sounds. I laugh.

• I use my sounds, change the expression on my face and move around to get your attention.

• Sometimes I may just listen to you I love to hear your voice.

• I learn to babble.

• I make some of the sounds that I hear you use.

• Sometimes I try to imitate you. I like you to imitate my sounds too.

• My babbling can even start to sound like adult speech...a question, an exclamation, a request, a song...

• I like to "talk" with you even though I don't yet speak real words.

• I may catch your eye and smile to tell you I am ready to communicate with you.

• I pay attention to the tone of your voice and the expressions on your face when you talk with me.

• I stretch my arms toward you when I want you to pick me up.

• I look at you when I am ready to play. When I close my eyes or turn my head away, I am telling you I need a break. • I learn how much fun language can be when you talk, sing and read with me.

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