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Your ten month old baby - some common concerns which may be of interest to you.
  Why are some children fussier than others? My ten month old baby is proving to be such a fussy eater at this age and I am worried.
  Is my 10 month old baby ready for cow's milk?
  Please explain the importance of prebiotics and probiotics in my baby's diet. Should I be incorporating that into my ten month old baby's meals?
  I see a lot of books and even doctors seem to talk about percentile charts. What are these charts?
  How much sleep do babies generally need? I am curious to know if my ten month old baby is sleeping enough.
  When my ten month old baby has fever, how do I take her temperature and please advise me on the do's and don'ts when a child is has a temperature.
  While it is good to allow older babies to feed themselves, I am at my wits end when I see the mess my ten month old baby creates. Please, is there anything I can do to prevent messiness?
  My ten month old daughter has just started taking her first steps. Should she start wearing shoes, what kind of shoes should I be looking for?
  We are vegetarians. What kind of food is suitable for my baby?
  Is this a good time to introduce fish to my baby? She just turned 10 months old.

How much sleep do babies generally need? I am curious to know if my ten month old baby is sleeping enough.

Every baby is different. The amount babies sleep is going to be different too because of genes and also because sleep requirements change over time. Figuring out how much sleep your baby needs is not easy but one thing is for sure, babies need a lot of sleep. How much of sleep your baby needs can be worked out by using the trial and error approach. Also, there are averages to compare against, give or take an hour or two. An average newborn baby sleeps around 18 hours a day and over months, the amount she sleeps reduces.

Typically, once a baby is able to sleep through the night, night time sleep will range from 10-12 hours with two naps of about one to two hours during the day. Between 4 to 12 months babies need fourteen to fifteen hours of sleep. At this stage they are likely to settle into a more regular pattern as feedings become less frequent and more predictable. Somewhere between now and when your baby is about 1½ years old most babies will transition from 2 naps a day to 1 nap after lunch. Naps can range from twenty minutes to three hours, with the former category of babies being regarded as 'active' babies. Most children will give up the morning nap in a matter of time but retain the afternoon nap for some time. Naps are important for babies who are not yet sleeping through the night.


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