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Infant Colic? - Some common FAQs
  What is colic actually?
  How to recognize a colicky baby?
  What colic is and what it is not?
  The Probable and Possible causes
  What you can do for your colicky baby?
  Good to know about infant colic

How to recognize a colicky baby?

Frequent crying can be triggered after a vaccination or milk that didn't suit. It is important to note here that very ill babies do not cry as much because crying takes up a great deal of energy, which a sick baby won't have. Many baby experts follow the 'rule of threes' to determine if babies have colic: the baby is less than 3 months old, cries for three days or more in a week and cries for 3 hours or more at a time. Still for sanity sake, it is best to get your baby reviewed by her doctor to rule out other medical issues such as short-term virus.

Colicky babies cry in a specific manner or pattern. The cries continue for long stretches and no amount of pacifying – swaying, hushing, singing or rocking- seems to work. Acoustically, the cry is high-pitched, more jittery and intense compared to other forms of infant crying. The baby's face scrunches in pain and turns scarlet and he mostly will arch his back and draw up his legs as if in great deal of pain. Alternatively, he may simply fret and fuss for hours at end. Either way it is a very challenging and draining episode for the carer and baby.


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