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11 months Old Baby (41 to 44 weeks)

Most eleven month old babies get about by crawling on hands and knees although some may have mastered walking. Balancing is the biggest challenge when babies first learn to walk. Another great accomplishment from your baby's point of view is dropping, throwing objects. These are important skills that your baby will practice and master. New sights and sounds excite your baby; going to the supermarket proves to be an exciting time for your baby. Some babies enjoy new experiences and are willing to try anything new. For instance the feel of sand or wet slippery things like jello or ice cubes; other babies feel strange with any new tactile experiences. They need to be introduced to new experiences gradually. Babies learn so much through a sense of feel so let your baby walk barefoot as much as possible. Your baby now shows interest in the name of objects; on a car ride point out familiar objects like a bus, tree or a dog. He is also discovering that adults can be fun and may insist on being where the action is.

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Baby and self-feed

Your baby is able to feed himself quite well. He may hold a cup steadily and drink from it all by himself. He may be able to carry a spoonful of food to his mouth without much trouble. However there may be a lot of mess due to spillage as his wrist action is not fully developed. He may resist your help as he wants to do things by himself. Allow him to practice eating and drinking without interfering.

Baby's understanding and curiosity grow

Your baby remembers many things now that his memory has improved greatly. He knows where to put certain things; he is able to group things according to color, size and shape. His attention span is longer which is why he will study something for a fairly long time. He may love books and already he has his favorites. He may want to turn the pages of a book. Instead of taking things apart, baby may want to put them together. He tries to use an object in the way you use it. By imitating your actions he gains valuable information. These accomplishments demonstrate that baby is learning how to think

Baby's muscle control

Your baby is close to walking if he isn't already. When cruising he may want to take steps without holding anything. He may take steps while holding your hands. Nevertheless he will still revert to crawling; his crawling is quicker and more efficient.

Non-gender toys

Don't discourage your baby from playing with any type of toy if it interests him. Let a boy play with a doll or household items if he is interested. Give a girl a truck or a tool kit. Every toy a child plays offers a new learning experience and every new experience contributes to your child's overall grasp of his world.

Coping with inconsistencies

With a consistent environment, baby feels secure; however his experiences in the outside world are different and inconsistent. Now that your baby is getting older, he is more equipped to handle and cope with these changes. Relax and let go; baby's maturity will help him deal with the inconsistencies he encounters.

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