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Passing on your Values (18 months old Toddler)

Raising children to have values isn't easy. Thought we have values we wish to pass on, we worry if we will succeed; we remember ourselves as teenagers rejecting values our parents sought to instill in us. Studies show that after the predictable period of teenage rebellion, most of us end up with values that resemble those of our parents. Sometimes consciously and unconsciously parents can and do strongly influence the way children treat themselves and behave towards family and other moral issues such as charity, honesty, work ethics, environment etc. Good solid family values seem to run in families. Specific values and how to best hand them down are outlined below.

Know your own values:

First decide what you wish to depart from what you have learnt from your parents when you were growing up. You want to add a few links, minus a few away or make radical changes. The list of values you want to pass on are endless - family, health, religion, work, integrity, courtesy, helping others, wealth and possession, education. Compare and contrast with your partner's list. Once you have reached an accord, you will be better in passing the chosen values onto your child.

Live your values:

Parents sometimes find it difficult to live by some values. They are determined that their children don't abuse their bodies but they fail to show respect for their own bodies by smoking, eating junk food etc for example. To impart values to your children, you must first commit yourself to living them; to follow them habitually and not just when your toddler is around. In the long run the influences your toddler is exposed to will impact him more than any outside influence (this includes, television, movies and music). Be a role model by leading a good example.

Articulate your values:

Living your values is not good enough. Help your child understand why you live them. Explain why it is better to be honest than to lie; why taking care of your body is important; why you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Values in perspective:

By building a framework of values for your toddler to follow, you are heading him in the right direction. As children grow older they add on their own experiences and lessons they have learned in the world to what they have learned at home and come up with their own unique set of values. You as the parent have to lay the foundation and let your toddler's own experiences enrich their value bank with time.

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