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You must speak to your doctor if your baby

You must speak to your doctor if your baby...

Doctor visit at the 1st month

• Your baby doesn't respond to sounds, especially your voice

• Both hands and legs are not moving equally

• When alert, baby doesn't gaze at your face

• Baby doesn't blink at bright lights

• You are having a hard time coping with your blues, loss of appetite or not being able to sleep

• You are going back to work and have time management issues

• You are having a hard time pacifying your crying baby

• Your baby has a puffy or runny eye

Doctor visit at the 2nd month

• Your baby is not able to follow you with his eyes as you move from side to side within his range of vision. Range is about 8 -15 inches

• Your baby feels very limp in your arms; head still wobbles a lot

• Your baby doesn't stay alert for more than 30 minutes at any time

• Your baby does not turn head in the direction of a familiar voice or sound. This could indicate hearing loss.

Doctor visit at the 4th month

• Your baby makes no sound or lesser sounds than before

• Your baby doesn't kick around with both legs much; keeps them straight most of the time

• When on tummy, baby doesn't lift up his head

• Your baby doesn't attempt to grab things with his hands

• Your baby doesn't roll over from stomach to back

• Your baby does not communicate any form of discomfort, pain etc through crying

• Your baby has hearing problems

• Your baby isn't sleeping most part of the night or sleeping through the night

• Your baby is not exploring objects using hands or mouth

Doctor visit at the 6th month

• Your baby moves in a strange way, although bow legs and rounded feet are considered normal at this age

• Your baby crosses his eyes or doesn't seem to see well across the room

• Your baby does not sit by himself with or without minimal support

• Your baby doesn't roll over

• Your baby shows no interest in toys or objects

• Your baby gags on his food, always chokes on liquids in a cup, is not able to hold food in his mouth

Doctor visit at the 9th month

• Your baby doesn't move around much in whichever way

• Your baby doesn't express special feelings towards her parents, family members; doesn't react warily in front of strangers

• Your baby is not able to bear her weight when held in a standing position

• When placed on tummy, your baby is not able to push up arms

• Your baby does not respond to own name

• Your baby is not able to sit without any support

Doctor visit at the 12th month

• Your baby doesn't say any proper words, doesn't know his name and/ or doesn't babble or talk gibberish

• Your child isn't crawling or cruising or moving forward in some other way

• Your baby doesn't seem happy or curious most of the time or lacks social skills with familiar people

• Your baby does not gesticulate e.g. wave good bye

• Your baby doesn't point at things

• Your baby drools, has a hard time swallowing liquids; still gags frequently

Doctor visit at the 15th month

• Your kid doesn't say mama or dada when addressing you and one other word at this age

• Your child doesn't point at objects he needs or wants

• Your baby doesn't already understand the function of common objects e.g. brush, phone

• Your child only tip-toes even after several months of walking

Doctor visit at the 18th month

• Your child isn't walking yet or tip-toes a lot if walking or limps or tilts to one side when walking

• Your kid doesn't not show affection

• Your kid doesn't utter a proper word

• Your child doesn't feed himself

Doctor visit at the 2 years

• Your child is not constructing two words sentences or phrases

• Your child is not able to stack 2 blocks

• Your child is not running yet or hasn't developed a steady gait

• Your kid doesn't comprehend 2 step commands such as "get your jacket and bring it to me".

• Your kid displays fear especially in some situations or with some people in particular

• Your child still has trouble swallowing food

• Your kid doesn't know how to kick or bounce a ball

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