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The Eighteen month Checkup (18 months old Toddler)

Keep a list of concerns you may have about behavior, health, eating etc since your last visit which you want to discuss with your doctor. Also note down the list of new skills your toddler has acquired so you won't be at a loss when asked e.g. running, climbing, combining words into phrases, pointing to body parts etc. Bring your child's health card to record height, weight and immunizations during this visit. Procedures may vary according to your health care provider but in most instances this visit will include:

• As assessment of growth (height, weight, head circumference) since the last visit.

• Questions about your child's development, behavior, eating habits and health since the last visit.

• An informal assessment of physical and intellectual development and of hearing and vision based on observation and interview. Gait (the way the child walks) may also be checked.


Your doctor may guide you on issues routinely found during this time in a toddler such as good parenting practices: injury prevention, reading to your child, teaching sharing, good nutrition and snacks, readiness for toilet training, vitamins, day care, napping and nighttime sleep problems, weaning (if this hasn't been accomplished already), whichever appropriate and other issues important in the coming months.


This varies from country to country. Shots that are required at this point will be administered by your health care provider during this visit.

The next checkup:

If all is well with your toddler, the next appointment will be at 24 months.

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