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FAQs of Potty Training Basics
  What is toilet training exactly?
  How long will it take to toilet train my toddler?
  Is there any right age to toilet train your child?
  When is the best time to start potty training since there is no miracle age for it?
  I am planning to start training my child of 2. How do I know when he is ready to be toilet-trained
  I am undecided between using the potty chair or the toilet itself. Please help.
  Are there some basic do's and Don'ts to potty training I should be aware of before I start the process with my son
  My girl is close to 18 months and maybe too young to be toilet-trained but still is there anything I can do to prepare her for it
  Which one is better to consider, disposable pull-ups or cotton underpants?
  My mother keeps telling me that generations ago babies were using the big pot even before they could walk, unlike today where the typical age for a child to go diaper-less doesn’t happen until the child is at least 2.5 years old. Why is this so?

Which One Is Better To Consider, Disposable Pull-ups or Cotton Underpants?

Again, this query has both pros and cons to it and it is your call to make what best suits you, your agenda and your child and her agenda.

Let’s first discuss the advantages of both pull-ups and cotton underwear.

Pull ups Cotton underpants
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Accident! No problem- just rip it off and dispose. Costly Comes in interesting colors and characters. The yucky feeling of having to deal with soiled underwear.
No washing required. Not different from diapers in terms of texture. Convenient to put on and remove. All that washing.
No need to deal with the messy poop. Again the same as diapers as the child will not develop the awareness of wetness. Easy for your child to feel wet and therefore uncomfortable when the inevitable accident occurs. -

Consider this, pull-ups don't really help since your child will not learn to develop control as he can eliminate whenever he feels like it, he will not feel the discomfort associated with soiled cotton underpants and therefore how different is the pull-up from the diaper. Of course, it is for you to decide.


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