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FAQs on Exercise during Pregnancy
  How often should I exercise now that I am pregnant and wish to stay active?
  Why exercise is considered unsuitable for some pregnant women?
  Is the stationary cycle a good machine to use during pregnancy or should I avoid it?
  What are the general do's and don'ts of exercising during pregnancy which will serve as a good guideline for every pregnant lady?
  I am new to exercise and I feel fit and well so far. What form of exercise is advisable to a newbie like me during pregnancy?
  I am very prone to backaches during pregnancy, are there any exercises that can help my back?
  What are the necessary things to consider before starting on any exercise program when you are pregnant?
  I have heard the term 'post-workout fatigue' which is common during pregnancy but I am not sure what it means.
  How do I know I am not overdoing with the exercise since that can be bad thing during pregnancy?
  I have heard so much about the hormone relaxin. How does it affect the joints during pregnancy?
  Does exercise in early pregnancy cause miscarriages?
  I wish to start on the treadmill as it is a good gym equipment to use while pregnant. Any tips?

How often should I exercise now that I am pregnant and wish to stay active?

During pregnancy it is not a must to work out everyday; a few times in a week is good enough. Also it makes sense to vary and not stick to a particular routine. The same kind of activity gets monotonous and there will be days when the activity just won’t suit you. For instance you can swim one day, go for brisk walking on another, practice step aerobics or do some yoga on other days. The important thing is to listen to your body and avoid straining. Slow down and skip a workout if you have to e.g. when you are down with a cold or just too tired. Stamina needs to be built overtime and it just seems pointless to overdo on the exercise. A moderate workout for 30 minutes is feasible and if you are an avid exerciser do not take on new challenges but stick to the familiar for now.

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