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FAQs on Pregnancy Weight Matters -
What you should know
  Ideally how much weight should one gain during pregnancy?
  BMI and its weight recommendations during pregnancy
  What and how much you eat definitely counts during pregnancy?
  Weight gain during the first, second and third trimesters
  Where do the pounds go?
  What if I am already on the heavy side?
  What if I am underweight and pregnant?
  Effects of dieting during pregnancy
  Some common-sense things to consider during pregnancy

Ideally how much weight should one gain during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is synonymous with weight gain, according to some weight-watching women. True, but then it is happening for a good cause - your baby! Pregnancy brings about major transformations to your body, including changes to your weight, size and shape but unfortunately not to your emotions and how it will be for you. Remind yourself that gaining weight is a normal part of pregnancy, that this is suppose to happen and don't waste time brooding over weight issues at this point.

Do not become overly concerned with your weight because as it is there are so many other things to be concerned about - your health and your baby's well-being to begin with. One thing is for sure, the number of kilos you pile on during your pregnant months will depend on your BMI (or body mass index) before you became pregnant and the number of babies you are expecting. Despite the weight recommendations, it can become difficult to control pregnancy weight gain. Therefore a woman with normal weight and follows a balanced diet can let her appetite be her guide.

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