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Why Edema

The swelling is most noticeable during the second half of the pregnancy; most pregnant women get it to some degree. The pain can vary from being mild to something more unpleasant; night cramps is another sore complaint you may have to put up with if you have swellings. Not hazardous but definitely uncomfortable, some pointers on edema:

  • The role of hormone in this discomfort is that of kidney's having the tendency to hold on to salt and therefore retaining water.
  • Body parts most likely to swell are your feet, hands and ankles; it is caused by water collecting in the tissues.
  • The growing uterus weighs heavily on your pelvic veins and inferior vena cava; this slows down circulation and instead causes blood to well up in your legs.
  • Sometimes the swelling can spread to your face, as the effects of oestrogen and cortisol change the fat distribution in the body.
  • If the puffiness becomes excessive or sustains for more than 24 hours then your doctor should be informed - it could be a sign of something more serious, preeclampsia.
  • On its own it should not cause any alarm as it poses no danger to mother or baby.
  • Mild edema can be caused by hot weather
  • Sitting for longer periods is another reason
  • High blood pressure can trigger swelling
  • You will notice more swellings in the evenings, in the summer months and as you grow heavier
  • If you are carrying multiples or have gained excess weight or lead a very sedentary lifestyle, then you are likely to get swellings

Things you can do..

  • Drink lots of water to help flush excess fluid, toxins from your system; drinking more will reduce retention
  • Stay active - move about and do some light exercises like walking to keep your blood pumping
  • Don't add salt to your foods and check the salt content of everything you eat
  • Sit down with your legs raised up or better still lie down on your left side when you feel like resting
  • Try wearing support tights that are waist high; this keeps your circulation in check
  • Avoid socks or stockings that constrict at the ankles or calves
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetable and avoid junk foods especially salty snacks, processed foods and anything that is high in sodium
  • Since fingers can swell, remove rings before they get too tight
  • Use cold water compress on swollen areas or soak your feet in cool water
  • When sitting stretch your calves often, rotate your ankles and wriggle your toes
  • Don't cross your legs when sitting as this cuts of circulation

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