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FAQs on Pregnancy Weight Matters -
What you should know
  Ideally how much weight should one gain during pregnancy?
  BMI and its weight recommendations during pregnancy
  What and how much you eat definitely counts during pregnancy?
  Weight gain during the first, second and third trimesters
  Where do the pounds go?
  What if I am already on the heavy side?
  What if I am underweight and pregnant?
  Effects of dieting during pregnancy
  Some common-sense things to consider during pregnancy

Some common-sense things to consider during pregnancy

1. Don't let the number on the scale or number tags on clothing put you in a frenzy because these figures don't define you.

2. Your panties, like the rest of your wardrobe will need to be, don't fret - upsized. And while you are at it, get cotton ones for air circulation purposes.

3. A useful tip I have come across is to empty your closet of your prepregnancy clothing, clothing that don't fit you right now anyway - that way you save yourself the agony of not being able to fit into your favorite clothes that are just getting tighter by the day. This is one of the kindest thing you can do for yourself. In fact pack up anything that is 'figure-hugging' right away; keep these clothes boxed and sealed for at least 12 months after having your baby.

4. Do not focus on weekly or monthly weight gain as they can get quite distracting. Just keep your target weight goal in mind. If it helps, keep away the weighing scale and let your doctor monitor your weight during check-ups.

5. Don't get into the comparison trap, and that too with media personalities. Celebrity moms work out a lot to get back into shape. They hire professional trainers, personal chefs to whip up healthy meals and full time nannies to mind their babies et al, which inadvertently frees up time to focus on themselves. Ample time not to mention ample resources (which we ordinary folks don't have) makes sense to not compare our lives and bodies to theirs.

Final Say... Reflect on what your doctor really means by saying it is best to develop healthy habits before starting a family. Is state of health just about the numbers you see on the weighing scale? Or does it encompass your approach to food, exercise, your emotions, your stress coping mechanism and how much of self-confidence you have. Now is the time to unlearn eating unhealthily, not dieting. Shift the focus to nourishing your body. That will mean eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. Also, exercising is good so make it happen. Not only does it build strength but it helps you live longer, makes you feel better about yourself and keeps you fitter and leaner.

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