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FAQs on Placenta Praevia | Placenta Abruption - What you should know
  Understanding the Placenta
  What is Placenta Previa?
  The symptoms and the Complications of Placenta previa
  What causes Placenta Previa?
  Treatment for Placenta Previa
  What is Placenta Abruption and its symptoms?
  What causes Placenta Abruption?
  Treatment for Placenta Abruption
  Final Words about Placenta Abruption

The symptoms and the Complications of Placenta previa

Placenta previa, though not a frequent condition, is most often the cause of painless bleeding in the last trimester. Since the low-lying placenta is covering the opening, bleeding occurs when the cervix dilates even slightly, causing the placenta to pull away. As the placenta pulls away, there will be sudden vaginal bleeding, sometimes profuse and with some cramping (but mostly painless bleeding).

The blood loss is usually bright red coming from the placenta and is usually intermittent, ranging from light to heavy with periods of no bleeding. It usually occurs at the end of the second or the beginning of the third trimester. Bleeding may continue for a few days and then comes to a stop on its own, only to start again a few days or weeks later. In some situations labor follows suit and in other cases labor precedes the torrential bleeding.

Once the condition is confirmed via an ultrasound, your health care provider will suggest the course of treatment, which will depend on a number of factors. Risks include blood clots, the need for blood transfusion and infections. Severe bleeding can cause hemorrhage in the mother and also lead to fatalistic consequences in mother or baby. Baby has a high chance of survival if delivery is after the 36th week. Placenta previa can be dangerous if proper care is not given in time - any form of vaginal bleeding should be immediately informed to your doctor.

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