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FAQs on Placenta Praevia | Placenta Abruption - What you should know
  Understanding the Placenta
  What is Placenta Previa?
  The symptoms and the Complications of Placenta previa
  What causes Placenta Previa?
  Treatment for Placenta Previa
  What is Placenta Abruption and its symptoms?
  What causes Placenta Abruption?
  Treatment for Placenta Abruption
  Final Words about Placenta Abruption

Understanding the Placenta

Placenta is an amazing but temporary organ that develops with your baby. The way the placenta functions is nothing short of a miracle - it is the bridge that links your blood supply with your baby's without the two intermingling. By week 8, the placenta is sufficiently formed to sustain your baby. Multifunctional in nature, the placenta in a gist is made by your baby and belongs to your baby.

It transports the good stuffs via the umbilical cord (oxygen, food and antibodies) to your baby and baby's carbon dioxide and other waste products are passed through the same channel to reach your bloodstream for elimination. Having said that, the bad stuff which can do your baby tremendous harm such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs, viruses and anything else floating at that time can also reach your baby through this organ.

Finally, this miraculous organ produces hormones that help your baby in growth and development. Enough antibodies are made and transmitted to babies to last them through the first 3 months. After baby's delivery, the placenta is delivered (afterbirth). In essence, the placenta has a life span of about 9 months after which, it dies at your baby's birth. At that point when viewed under the microscope, it will show all the signs of old age. Now isn't that amazing!

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