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FAQs on Pregnancy Weight Matters -
What you should know
  Ideally how much weight should one gain during pregnancy?
  BMI and its weight recommendations during pregnancy
  What and how much you eat definitely counts during pregnancy?
  Weight gain during the first, second and third trimesters
  Where do the pounds go?
  What if I am already on the heavy side?
  What if I am underweight and pregnant?
  Effects of dieting during pregnancy
  Some common-sense things to consider during pregnancy

What and how much you eat definitely counts during pregnancy?

Women generally have this misconception that since you are pregnant, you have to 'eat for two' and that would imply the 'freedom to eat as much as you want and get bigger'. They feel that they have gained the license to eat all they want and as much as they want without the guilt, forgetting that this phase is temporary and the losing post delivery weight is going to get really difficult. A lot of women also use this time to tuck in junk food which is not good for the baby and the mother. You should be eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and good quality protein.

Basically when you are pregnant you only need to eat 10% more than the number of calories you usually eat if you want to maintain a healthy weight gain. If you gain more than the required quantity, it won't necessarily mean that your baby will be bigger and moreover you will have a tougher time managing your pregnancy now and shedding the pounds later. Conversely, gaining lesser pounds will translate to having a child who will not develop to the full potential mentally or physically. If you are gaining too much too fast, it could be your diet which needs to be adjusted. It could mean the portion sizes or food types or even methods of cooking needs some reviewing. Eating too much of any food, even the healthy ones, can lead to excessive weight gain that will up your risk of developing complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Similarly, snacking on high-fat foods with low nutrients such as fries and soft drinks will let good foods take a back seat thus depriving you and your baby of nutrition. You don't have to give up on your indulgences but moderation is important.

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