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FAQs on Placenta Praevia | Placenta Abruption - What you should know
  Understanding the Placenta
  What is Placenta Previa?
  The symptoms and the Complications of Placenta previa
  What causes Placenta Previa?
  Treatment for Placenta Previa
  What is Placenta Abruption and its symptoms?
  What causes Placenta Abruption?
  Treatment for Placenta Abruption
  Final Words about Placenta Abruption

What causes Placenta Previa?

About 20-40% of all pregnancies have some form of placenta previa in the early stages. It usually resolves itself, and only in 5% of women is it present at term. Placenta previa seems to be more prevalent in women who have had placenta previa before, in women having babies at an older age, in women who smoke, in women who have had several pregnancies before, in women who have had scarring on the uterus lining during a previous c-section or abortion, and in a multiple pregnancy. It is also known to occur in a pregnancy where the uterus or placenta is abnormally developed.

Placenta previa occurs in 1 out of 200 pregnancies. Usually with sufficient rest and medical attention the problem is known to subside on its own with no repercussions on delivery later on.

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