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FAQs on Pregnancy Weight Matters -
What you should know
  Ideally how much weight should one gain during pregnancy?
  BMI and its weight recommendations during pregnancy
  What and how much you eat definitely counts during pregnancy?
  Weight gain during the first, second and third trimesters
  Where do the pounds go?
  What if I am already on the heavy side?
  What if I am underweight and pregnant?
  Effects of dieting during pregnancy
  Some common-sense things to consider during pregnancy

What if I am already on the heavy side?

Obesity and its related problems are quite common in women and getting around to rectifying it should be done in the period before pregnancy and not during it. Intentionally restricting your intake just to keep your weight down is going to do more harm than good to your baby's development and growth. We all want a pregnancy without health ramifications, especially if a little adjustment in some areas can help prevent them. So, the focus should be on eating sensibly without obsessing too much about the calories and working out an exercise plan that suits your expectations and your doctor's approval.

One study showed positive results for women who despite having a BMI of 30, worked hard at not exceeding the 15 pounds target, and were consequently at a lower risk of acquiring preeclampsia, C-sections and delivering larger babies. In another study, obese women who managed to limit their calories to the recommended requirement and had some form of exercise regime in the mix, managed to deliver babies with normal weight without any negative effects. If you have a slow metabolism, it is perfectly safe to exercise to help keep weight gain within the correct range. Check with your doctor and formulate a weight plan and dietary program and stick with the recommendations given because the last thing you should be doing now or even considering is a weight-loss program!

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