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FAQs on Placenta Praevia | Placenta Abruption - What you should know
  Understanding the Placenta
  What is Placenta Previa?
  The symptoms and the Complications of Placenta previa
  What causes Placenta Previa?
  Treatment for Placenta Previa
  What is Placenta Abruption and its symptoms?
  What causes Placenta Abruption?
  Treatment for Placenta Abruption
  Final Words about Placenta Abruption

What is Placenta Abruption and its symptoms?

Again, there is vaginal bleeding but this time it occurs when the placenta deteriorates and separates partially or completely from the uterine lining before birth. This condition most often occurs in the third trimester or during labor. The symptoms of placenta abruption include continuous bleeding with abdominal pain, and the severity will depend on the size of the area that has torn away. Sometimes, there is no vaginal bleeding, if the blood collects high in the uterus. Again, with the help of an ultrasound, the degree of separation can be determined.

The excess loss of blood can lead to premature labor or even a stillbirth since baby is deprived of oxygen and key nutrients prematurely.

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