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Yoga for the Expectant Mum

Yoga becomes a perfect form of exercise while expecting because its emphasis is on breathing, relaxation and posture. It is great for pregnancy as it helps ease away pregnancy-related aches and pains and builds on your endurance level. Yoga is popular with pregnant ladies because through the breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation and postures yoga is able to calm the body, mind and spirit.

Reasons How Yoga is Helpful

  • Yoga when done correctly benefits you physically and mentally. It’s relaxing effect helps prepare you for childbirth by allowing for easier and less painful labors.
  • The breathing techniques that you learn and apply will help you and your baby get a good supply of oxygen. Also these techniques can be used during labor.
  • Yoga strengthens stretches and opens up your body.
  • Yoga exercises work on keeping your key organs such as the uterus and pelvic area healthy and also helps with the circulation. Yoga meditation can be soothing and it helps you deal with your fears and anxieties related to your pregnancy. It helps you feel less stressed, more balanced and focused.
  • Yoga helps you connect with your unborn child.
  • Yoga helps keep your body supple and aligned as you go through with pregnancy-related bodily changes.
  • With all the hormonal activity going on within you, yoga helps to process the fluctuating emotions.


Yoga Breathing Exercise: Yoga is essentially about breathing, and not so much about positions. This simple breathing technique you learn can help you sleep. While lying on your back, rest your hands on your abdomen to monitor the gentle movements of you breathing in and breathing out. Basically take deep full breaths in through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. Focus and count when you breathe out. The out-breath is the relaxing part of this exercise, and the next thing you know, you have drifted to sleep.


The Basics

  • First, if you have been practicing yoga prior to conceiving, you may continue doing so in your first trimester after getting your doctor’s clearance. (Also, it is a plus to be familiar enough with your body to tune in to your limits.) If you are not familiar with yoga, then you must wait until after you have crossed into the second trimester, just to play it safe.
  • If yours is a high-risk pregnancy, i.e. if you have to deal with hypertension, preeclampsia, or are at risk of premature labor, be sure to check with your ob/gyn before beginning antenatal yoga.
  • Accessories you will need are a yoga mat, a chair, some cushions and a water bottle.
  • You will also need to ensure that the exercises you are doing are suitable for pregnancy. Avoid prolonged standing and lying on your back for long periods, jumping into poses, lying on your tummy and all poses that squeeze/tighten the abdomen.
  • After the first trimester avoid poses that involve prolong periods of lying on your back.
  • As with any exercise do yoga movements in moderation and rest as needed.
  • As a novice it is advisable to join a pregnancy yoga class where you will be taught the basics. Shop around until you have found the class and teacher you are comfortable with.
  • Even if you are a pro at yoga, it is advisable to inform your yoga instructor on your condition so that you are given the appropriate attention and advice.
  • Yoga steps can be very gentle while others can be more akin to a workout. A specific type may suit you depending on how your pregnancy is going, so make time to test them before making a decision.

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