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Once you know for sure that you are expecting, the first few things that will come to mind are -

A) What is your current week of pregnancy?

B) How your baby may look like in your womb today?

C) How much your baby may weigh at the present stage of pregnancy etc..

Keeping all that in mind we have created the week by week pregnancy calendar, which will show you the weekly 3D/4D ultrasound fetus images of your current pregnancy week and also inform you on your baby's approximate weight and how big you baby may be now. It will calculate your current week of pregnancy and tell you what changes may be occuring with you and in your mind at this stage of pregnancy.


From conception till week 8 the baby is called an embryo, and for the rest of the weeks till birth the baby is called a fetus.

A baby's gender and genetic makeup are determined at the very point when fertilization takes place.

The average length and weight of fetus varies from baby to baby and from one pregnancy to another.

Week 20 is the earliest stage at which partial birth abortions can be performed. Week 20 is also when the fetus recognizes its mother's voice.

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