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Popular Concerns on Childhood Vaccinations

Popular Concerns on Childhood Vaccinations

An essential step parents should take for their children's well-being is to provide protection against deadly diseases through immunization. Lately vaccination has become controversial and even a source of tension between parents and health care experts. But the most compelling reasons for child immunization is that it works, that they are designed to stimulate the immune system and without proper vaccination children are at risk of contracting so many dangerous diseases. That said, vaccination schedules differ from country to country, state to state as per the requirements of the CDC or health organization of the individual country and state.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only. Compiling the information has been done with care but we make no warranty as to its accuracy. Consult a doctor or other health care expert for updates or when in doubt.

Why the need to vaccinate your children?

What is a vaccine and how do vaccines work?

Are vaccines safe? What about the side effects clearly associated with immunization?

What are the pros and cons of changing the vaccine schedule? How do I keep track of the vaccines my child receives?

Is it okay to skip certain vaccinations until there is an absolute certainty that vaccines like MMR do not cause neurological issues such as autism?

How effective is vaccination in the prevention of these common childhood diseases?

Shots are painful - is there an alternative to the needle or ways to make it less painful?

Too many vaccines too soon is damaging to the infant's immune system, is it true? Also, is there any risk involved when a multiple shot vaccine is given versus a single shot vaccine?

Should my unwell child be vaccinated?

Is the protection from vaccines completes and how long does the protection last?

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