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Bottle-feeding Is Not A Bad Choice! Common QnA Which May Interest You

Bottle-feeding Is Not A Bad Choice! Common QnA Which May Interest You

Breast feeding is natural and best for your baby of its nutritious content. Perfectly balanced, breast milk contains everything your baby needs for her growth and development. It is easily digested and contains necessary antibodies for your baby's well-being and brain growth, and babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life to prevent the onset of possible allergies. Having said that, some problems such as persistent mastitis, breast pain or painful nipples to name some are not solvable or manageable despite the exhausting regimes and tears. That's when some mothers resort to bottle-feeding. If you have decided to formula-feed your baby, don't go on a guilt-trip. The big plus is both parents can participate. Many mothers resort to this and why not since it is a safe and nutritious way to feed your baby. The important thing is bottle-feeding suits and works for you. Your focus now should be on getting started with the appropriate formula and accessories, and bonding with your baby.

What is formula milk?

What to look for in formula milk?

Is overfeeding possible with a bottle-fed baby?

Does my baby need water in addition to formula milk?

What is the right temperature for formula milk?

Can mineral water be used to prepare formula milk?

What is the possetting?

What are the different forms of formula milk available on the shelves?

Is goat's milk formula better than cow's milk formula?

How can you tell when baby is hungry and when baby is full?

How do I sterilize bottles when we are travelling?

Can breastfeeding and bottlefeeding be mixed?

Is it proper to keep made-up formula bottles in the fridge for later use?

I am wondering if my formula-fed baby needs to be supplemented with water.

Is there any particular brand of formula the best or are all brands relatively the same?

My baby has preference for a particular brand of milk. What should I do if we run short and availability is an issue?

My baby loves to drink from his bottle. How will I know if I am not over-feeding him?

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