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Bottle Feeding Faqs - Here is a list of FAQs
  What is formula milk?
  Is goat's milk formula better than cow's milk formula?
  What to look for in formula milk?
  What is the possetting?
  Is overfeeding possible with a bottle-fed baby?
  How can you tell when baby is hungry and when baby is full?
  Does my baby need water in addition to formula milk?
  How do I sterilize bottles when we are travelling?
  What is the right temperature for formula milk?
  Can breastfeeding and bottlefeeding be mixed?
  Can mineral water be used to prepare formula milk?
  I am wondering if my formula-fed baby needs to be supplemented with water.
  My baby loves to drink from his bottle. How will I know if I am not over-feeding him?
  My baby has preference for a particular brand of milk. What should I do if we run short and availability is an issue?
  Is it proper to keep made-up formula bottles in the fridge for later use?
  Is there any particular brand of formula the best or are all brands relatively the same?
  What are the different forms of formula milk available on the shelves?

What to look for in formula milk?

Formulas should be similar to breast milk as much as possible in terms of nutrients. Mostly milk is made up of two proteins namely casein and whey. Breast milk is about 70% whey (balance is casein) and is therefore more suited to a younger infant as far as digestion goes. Casein is harder for baby to digest and is suitable for an older baby over six months. Most formulas are quite the same in taste and nutrients. Today all brands contain EFAs necessary for baby's growth in terms of brain and nervous system. Some even contain probiotics, a substance essential for the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Other than that it is good to know that formula milk is manufactured under strict surveillance and if one brand comes up with an extra ingredient other manufacturers will match up in matter of time, leaving very little, if any, difference between formulas.


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