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FAQs on The Woes of Morning Sickness

FAQs on The Woes of Morning Sickness

While some women go through a nausea-free pregnancy others are not too fortunate. Some women have to bear with nausea and throw-ups throughout their pregnancies. For most morning sickness goes away before the start of the middle trimester. One thing is for sure: there is no way of telling beforehand if you are going to be candidate for this discomfort! And feeling nauseas is not psychological. Some FAQs on this subject as below:

What is morning sickness and why does it happen?

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Can the continuous throwing up harm my baby?

I feel nauseas every other day. What will work besides medication?

My doctor said that morning sickness is not really all that bad, why?

My mother and sister had morning sickness. Is that why I have it too?

When does morning sickness typically start and why is different for different women?

What about natural remedies such as acupressure bands, ginger etc that are supposed to work? Can these help reduce the symptoms of morning sickness?

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