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FAQs on Stretch Marks and Other Beauty Setbacks during Pregnancy

FAQs on Stretch Marks and Other Beauty Setbacks during Pregnancy

You will notice changes in your appearance, some pleasant (the famous pregnancy glow) and some not too pleasant typical of pregnancy and therefore an inevitable aspect of it. Once again it is due to the hormones at work but not every woman responds to the hormonal changes in the same way. However your lifestyle i.e. sun exposure, eating habits and consequently the weight you gain will impact your looks. Below are some common questions and answers about beauty issues in your pregnancy months:

I am 7 weeks pregnant. What are the chances of me getting stretch marks?

Can I prevent stretch mark from developing in my pregnancy?

What is 'pregnancy mask' and what causes it?

What are the ways to protect against melasma?

I find my skin becoming darker with time, is this a natural part of pregnancy?

I notice some loose growth of skin recently, what are these?

Does every woman have this line forming called Linea Nigra?

Please help, I have developed acne. What can I do about this condition?

I have this itchy feeling all over with no visible rashes. Can something be done about it before I speak to my doctor?

Can something be done about itchy, inflamed skin in the folds of my skin i.e. under the breasts and inner thigh areas?

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