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10 months Old Baby (37 to 40 weeks)

Ten months is a perfect age for baby-watching. Your baby is learning new things as she discovers new ways to play. Individual motor differences in motor development remain very apparent. While one baby might just be learning to creep, the second may already be walking. Interestingly there is no connection between motor skills and intellectual ability; an early walker doesn't end up being a bright or good problem solver later on. Most babies can pull themselves up to a standing position at ten months of age. Your baby has also mastered the art of gripping with thumb and forefinger; her next feat is tearing up papers so keep magazines and books away. Your baby is usually friendly and outgoing; she uses babbling to carry on conversations and enjoys making sounds. She will try and copy sounds and words that are new to her. She may show off her routines in front of familiar people like waving good bye or throwing a kiss. Your baby continues to enjoy structured playtime with both her parents. Dads and moms tend to have different play styles; fathers are more likely to roughhouse and mothers are more likely to focus on intellectual experiences. Both are important for development.

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Baby on the move:

Your baby is probably moving all over the place. She may be cruising around the furniture with ease; she may crawl into corners and get stuck. She pulls up to a standing position. Your baby is prone to falling and having minor accidents. If you get upset so will she. Of course if she is hurt then take care of her right away. But when the fall is minor laugh it away.

Her relationship with her Parents:

Your relationship with your baby is unique. Each parent expands baby's understanding of her world around her but in a different way. She feels a strong attachment to her parents and other caregivers. She will seek attention and approval of these special people and at the same time be wary of strangers now.

Please and Thank You:

She may not be talking much yet but she sure understands quite a bit. She knows the names of as many as a dozen objects (or more); she can follow simple instructions or directions. If she hears 'please' and 'thank you' often enough, these words will become a part of her vocabulary.

Baby likes to Stand:

Many babies this age find opportunities to stand often; let her stand whenever safe. You may have to be forceful with her if she wants to stand when it is unsafe to do so.

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