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12 months Old Baby (45 to 48 weeks)

At one year, your baby has become more adept at getting around the house even if she hasn't learned to walk. Babies are more curious of things that are not within their reach. Throwing is another motor skill your baby is practicing. Sometimes she throws for the sheer joy of it and other times to see where the object lands. Some babies have mastered their first word and will use it on every possible occasion. Even if your baby is not using any words, she understands language quite well. As her understanding grows, she will learn to follow simple instructions. Playfulness, curiosity, a willingness to try something new makes your one year old a delight to be with. The second year of life will provide you and your baby with new challenges and new opportunities to learn and grow.

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Baby's emotions

By the end of his first year, your baby may be more expressive in new ways. She may be more affectionate with you and other family members. Baby may kiss you on request; she may hug or kiss her favorite toy animals or doll; baby is generally more demonstrative. Her sense of humor is on display; she laughs more easily. Her tantrums are also more obvious since it is difficult to express frustrations. When she is angry she will let you know. She is learning acceptable behavior and may test you often; be firm when you disapprove of her actions.

Baby on the move

If baby isn't walking yet, he will soon. If he is toddling, he may revert to crawling quite often especially when he wants to get some place quickly. He may also crawl when engaged in some activities like pushing a truck across. He may carry a toy when he walks. This lends him a sense of balance although it doesn't offer him much support. He may have trouble going around corners or stopping when he wants to. These skills will be perfected upon in the next few months.

Other Baby changes

In this first year, baby's brain has grown to nearly 60% of its adult size. His vision is nearly mature. Baby's sense of spatial relationships is excellent but he still has trouble judging distance and speed. He has matured enough to tell the difference between adults and children. He may now seek out other babies.

Toys and Play

Backward down the stairs

Now is a good time to begin teaching baby the important skill of climbing safely down the stairs. This game helps. Place baby on the stairs on her tummy with her feet pointing toward the bottom of the stairs. Gently pull her legs out so she learns how it feels to slide downwards on her tummy, step by step. This skill also contributes to her gross-motor coordination. Even when she has mastered this backward slide, don't let her on stairs without your supervision.

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