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15 months Old Baby (57 to 60 weeks)

Toddlers thrive on consistency. Most parents agree that a toddler adjusts with fewer problems if she is well prepared in advance and in times of flux, special care is given to toddler. A child this age is also getting better equipped at handling stress herself through self-comforting techniques like sucking a thumb or becoming attached to an object or toy. Disdained by some parents as babyish behavior, these techniques are actually development advancements. Other signs of independence include the growing ability to self-feed. Along with growth in skills, there is growth in play opportunities.

Things your toddler can do AT THIS STAGE

• walk well

• bend over and pick up an object

• use at least one word

Things your toddler will probably be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• use 2 words

• drink from a cup

• scribble

• point to something she wants

Things your toddler may possibly do AT THIS STAGE

• point to 1 body part when asked

• use a spoon/fork but not exclusively

• build a tower of 2 cubes/blocks

Things your toddler may even be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• 'feed' a doll/stuffed animal

Emotionally, your 15 month old can be expected to communicate pleasure, warmth, and show interest in new experiences; to play games with parents; to protest; to begin to accept limits. Babies who are cherished, cuddled and kissed learn how to pass on similar expressions of emotion to others. Young children are very responsive to the emotional environment in which they live.

They may not understand it but they often pick up on your vibes of happiness or sadness - laughing with you or stroking your face when you are sad! Verbally, your child will be saying or attempting to say a few words. Some will say nothing at all for months at end then surprise you with a three-word sentence, while others will attempt to say individual words inaccurately. Often a child will begin with one word such as 'dog' or 'daddy' but apply it to all animals or to all men.

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