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19 months Old Baby (73 to 76 weeks)

Typically this is the age when you see a huge surge in your child's language development. Her vocabulary increases dramatically; now she is far easier to understand. She shows her intellectual advance by becoming interested in shape sorters and puzzles. Her greater dexterity also allows her to remove some items of clothing especially shoes and socks and tape-held disposable diaper. Sometime during this part of the second year many toddlers become a bit possessive - even overpossessiveness. Ironically this is an advancement in learning! On a negative note, the dreaded part of this stage is temper tantrums which happens mostly when her defenses are at the weakest. Nearly all children have them despite parents' efforts to keep things on an even keel.

Things your toddler can do AT THIS STAGE

• perform all previous 'should be able to's..'

Things your toddler will probably be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• 'feed' a doll

• use 6 words

• walk up steps

Things your toddler may possibly do AT THIS STAGE

• build a tower of 4 cubes

• identify two pictures by pointing

Things your toddler may even be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• name 6 body parts

• wash and dry hands

Relaxation techniques for Toddlers

Try these soothing techniques to calm your bundle of energy when constructive channeling doesn't work. Help them unwind when they are high-strung with:

• Hugging, cuddling or massage

• Soft music with without lyrics

• Selected low key videos

• A relaxing story

• A warm bath

• Playing simple puzzles

• Doodling, painting with brush or fingers, drawing with crayons or chalk

• Clay play

• Water play

• Watching fish in fishtank

Once your child has calmed down, find the underlying cause for the unruly behavior and see if you can find a way to deal with it and prevent a repeat.

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