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4 months Old Baby (13 to 16 weeks)

The typical four-month old is well equipped to explore. She sees many colors. She is alert to sounds. She is easily able to lift her torso to a 45 degrees angle when on tummy. She can focus well. She can reach for objects more easily. At a social level, she is more vocal now; screeches delightfully just to hear herself. Her face is more animated, giving you more clues about her moods. She can even read your facial expressions. Toys become an integral part of play and a potential source of hazard as well.!

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Sits when supported:

She sits up when supported at her hips and enjoys sitting in a semi upright position. This position is best for learning and play. Babies go through several stages in learning to sit up. They also enjoy sitting in a swing or other seat or on your lap. They also enjoy being pulled up to sitting position. Lay baby on her back on a smooth, soft surface. Grasp her hands and s-l-o-w-l-y raise her to the sitting position, ensuring your grip on her hands are firm. Gently lower her again.

Eye-hand coordination:

She keeps her hands open most of the time. Baby loves holding and shaking things like her rattle. Her eye-hand coordination is improving. When she sees something, she moves to reach for it. She can manipulate an object more easily; whatever baby lays hands on tends to go into her mouth. She is also more deliberate in her movements. She may start to grab your hair, jewelry or clothes, or her dad's moustache. Her body and hands still fascinate her.

Tonic-neck reflex:

The tonic neck reflex which kept baby's head turned to one side most of the time, has just about disappeared by now. Baby is therefore able to turn head to either side, making it easier to turn toward a sound.

Gaining in Strength:

When on tummy, baby can support her head and chest with one arm. She may roll over easily now from tummy to back.

Bedtime routine:

Now may be a good time about easing baby away from some dependencies, such as rocking her to sleep every night. Instead of waiting for baby to fall asleep in your arms, put baby to bed while she is still awake. A bedtime routine will help her understand it is time to sleep and that the bed is meant for sleeping. Her bedtime also signals to her that the day is over. Every family practices different rituals for bedtime - baths, reading, lullaby, prayers etc. Try different things, and see what suits you best and make that a routine. Using this routine even while away from home, offers your baby security that this day is over and a new one begins tomorrow. If you have not established a routine, begin one now. You and your baby will benefit from it.

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