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8 months Old Baby (29 to 32 weeks)

Your baby shows definite signs of becoming more independent. For one she is increasingly interested in her counterparts. Secondly, she is able to self-soothe instead of relying on you all the time. This is clearly visible in her attachment to inanimate objects such a pillow or a blanket or a soft toy. While it is true, you are becoming less important, you are still irreplaceable in baby's life. One such situation where she will still need you the most is when she wakes up in the middle of the night, which seems to happen quite frequently in this month or the next. Another sign of independence is her desire to self-feed, which seem to happen around this time. During mealtimes, she will try to grab for the spoon or pick up bits of food - even pureed stuff. Right now, she can manage to grasp crackers or biscuits with fair amount of success with her thumb and two fingers. It is around this time too when she starts to become shy in the company of strangers; this is related to separation anxiety. Another notable change is when baby holds two objects at the same time. She compares them visually, bangs them together and maybe even tries to fit one into the other.

His intellectual capacity grows:

Baby understands the human face now. He studies faces to compare them. He also notices objects and points at the ones he wants. He pays attention to details even more. Baby is beginning to explore cause and effect concepts. He is beginning to understand when he repeats an action, it almost always has the same effect. For instance, when he drops a spoon, it always hits the floor.

His muscular development:

Muscular development is finally reaching his lower limbs. He may kick vigorously when he is on his back. He may also move himself around by creeping on his tummy, using his arms to pull himself along. It won't be long before he crawling. He may throw things; he likes to throw things for the effect! Due to increased muscle control, baby is able to fit smaller things into bigger ones, build a tower of two blocks, or gather items for sorting and building. He may also divide his weight between his arms and legs when he plants his hands on an unmovable object for support. Baby will have many false starts before he learns to crawl. When he stumbles, don't make a big deal out of it, and he won't either. Since baby is practicing to stand, you may be able to show him how to sit down again safely. Make it a fun game so it is fun. Show him how to bend forward from the waist as he begins to sit down. This way he will land on his bums instead of his back or front.

Baby's safety:

Your baby may have an urge to climb at this age itself. It is instinctual and will happen, sooner or later. You will notice baby has no problems climbing up but getting down however can lead to calamity. He will try all sorts of places to climb but not all of them will be ideal or safe: it wont be long before he will push a stool to the sink. He will be able to climb high enough to reach the medicine cupboard. Look around and take measures now to protect baby, such as turning furniture so it cannot be used as a ladder. You may need to remove objects that invite baby to climb where he should not.

Uses both hands:

Baby still uses his hands discriminately. Sometimes he uses his right hand to pick up something, then he will use his left hand for something else. He is not making the right-hand or left-hand distinction yet. You may notice baby holding an object in one hand. She may bang two objects together; these are possible because of increased hand control. She is using her thumb, first and second fingers to grasp larger objects.

Sitting without support:

By now, baby can sit without support when his legs are stretched out in front of him. His neck, hip and back muscles are getting stronger and more coordinated. You may notice baby practicing knee bends while he holds onto something for support. This will soon progress to squatting to pick up an object with one hand while he supports himself with the other hand.

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