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9 months Old Baby (33 to 36 weeks)

Your nine month old is likely to show an interesting change in the pace of activities he does. Whether he is practicing his ability to get around the house or playing with toys, his rate of exploration is speeding up. Around this time, baby also demonstrates a better memory for past events and an increased ability to solve simple problems. For instance if you try to give him some food that he rejected earlier, he will push it away again. If you place a toy inside his shirt, he will pull up his shirt and let it fall out. Your baby is also more cuddly and affectionate than before. Your baby has possibly developed a style of creeping; hands and knees creeping to get around is very common. This is an important time for developing small and large muscle skills; while some babies are getting ready to walk, others are more interested in manipulating small objects. As your baby discovers the link between people and their names, he begins to babble when a familiar person appears.

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Many physical accomplishments:

your baby can sit steadily for upto 15 minutes. He can pick up small objects fairly easily, is able to lean forward while sitting to pick up a toy and he doesn't lose his balance. He plays differently; he may play with two objects at one time, he may sort items and even place small toys in a bucket or pot. Some babies may stand with a little support; may even be able to get down to the floor from a standing position. Help him along the way.

She learns well when she wants to:

your baby is willing to cooperate and learn things as long as she is interested in them already. She can be stubborn otherwise. For instance she wants to feed herself (she is interested in that) but not help dress herself (she is not interested). She will display many moods; don't despair or show your frustration. She may change her mind tomorrow.

She can be emotional:

even at this age, babies can be emotional. Your baby may object strongly when you take a toy away from her. She may cry non-stop when you scold her or tell her "no" to something. But just as quickly she will smile if something amuses her. She may show off for an audience especially if they shower her with attention. The moods of others may affect her; when a sibling is excited, she may be too. If she sees another baby crying, she may burst into tears.

Is your baby lagging?:

your baby may be focusing her attention in some areas instead of others right now. She may be vocalizing or studying visual details around her rather than working on crawling or cruising. She may one day surprise you when she picks up her motor skills unexpectedly. Often babies who start later accomplish the task more quickly than babies who started the task earlier. Don't be discouraged; don't push her!

Baby's language development:

some babies are able to make sounds that have the tones of language. They are able to speak short words such as 'hi', 'bye', 'mama' or 'dada'. She may imitate a few animal sounds. She usually responds to her name by stopping an action when you tell her to stop shows that she understands what 'No' means.

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