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13 months Old Baby (49 to 52 weeks)

Toddlers, like babies, love to explore and learn; their favorite object happens to be their own body. They also love to explore body parts like their genitals much to your disapproval! Your baby's skills and play interests in other areas grow as well along with her vocabulary skills once she starts to talk. Language experts opine that the words they choose fall into well established categories which reflect their interest. Although skills growth spirals upwards, physical growth slows down after the end of the first year - many toddlers show a marked decrease in appetite.

Intellectual & Emotional Development

In the early part of the second year, your toddler is a keen explorer; picking up, studying, testing, manipulating, maybe still putting things in her mouth. Cause and effect is her major focus. Toddlers live in the present and have very little imagination or abstract thinking as yet. Emotionally your toddler's world has opened up a long way from the eat-cry-sleep days; they have more moods, feelings and behaviors. These changes are part of growing up. The gamut of emotions includes affection, independence, frustration, fear, anger, stubbornness, protest, anxiety and puzzlement.

Things your toddler can do AT THIS STAGE

• pull up to standing position

• get into a sitting position

• cruise

• clap hands

• indicate wants in ways other than crying

Things your toddler will probably be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• place an object into a container

• imitate activities

• stand alone

• use 1 recognizable word

Things your toddler may possibly do AT THIS STAGE

• drink from a cup

• use 2 recognizable words

• point to a desired object

• walk well

• scribble

Things your toddler may even be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• use a fork/spoon (but not exclusively)

• point to 1 body part when asked

• dump an object in imitation

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