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16 months Old Baby (61 to 64 weeks)

The foundations for making friends and getting along with others develop very early in life. In the second year of life, a toddler's relationship with his parents is the most important relationship to him; he is also actively developing other relationships with his age-mates. A toddler's social relationships both within and beyond the family, influence his overall development. Your child also gets affected by the relationship that exist between his parents; emotions such as anger, love that flow around certainly affect your child. Many toddlers this age have yet to start truly talking although the average 16 month-old has a speaking vocabulary of over fifty different words.

Things your toddler can do AT THIS STAGE

• imitate activities

• scribble

Things your toddler will probably be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• use 3 words

• dump an object in imitation

Things your toddler may possibly do AT THIS STAGE

• use six words

• run

Things your toddler may even be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• kick a ball forward

• brush teeth with help

Language in girls.

Right from birth, girls respond more to the human voice compared to boys and they have better verbal skills throughout childhood. Girls talk earlier than boys and begin to string words into sentences earlier. They are more articulate, have better pronunciation and grammar, and are better at verbal reasoning. They also learn to read earlier than boys. The structure of the female brain is responsible for girl's superior verbal skills: the speech centers are more tightly organized in the female brain than in the male brain and have more and better connections with other functions of the brain.

Language in boys.

Boys are almost always slower than girls at developing language skills and this discrepancy lasts throughout childhood. Boys are later in talking than girls, are slower to put words together in sentences and take longer to learn reading skills. Speech disorders such as stuttering are far more common in boys and boys outnumber girls in remedial reading classes. Although this difference in linguistic ability levels out somewhat during the teenage years, you can help your son's language skills by reading aloud to him and playing lots of word games.

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