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3 months Old Baby (9 to 12 weeks)

Now your three-month-old seems more like a baby and much less a newborn. This month your little one is going to make great strides in development. The innate tendency and drive to learn about their surroundings becomes apparent this month onwards. Your baby is gaining better control over his legs and arms, and enjoys games, which allow him to exercise these skills. Your baby is also more responsive, affectionate and demonstrates this by flashing beautiful social smiles at you and others he meets. His whole body responds by moving in synchrony when you talk to him. He is also beginning to make sense of the little everyday things, like his bottle. He is beginning to comprehend the basics of cause and effect; in fact it is becoming important to him to know that he can influence his environment. He thrives on response. This is clear in his toy choice; he prefers toys that respond with sound or movement to his limited ways of handling them. He loves having his parents respond when he cries, when he calls out to play, when he makes those subtle expressions. One more thing... if your baby had colic, then this is probably the month, when magically the long hours of wailing will make an exit!

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

You will be amazed by the changes that manifest this month.

Sharper vision:

Her focus sharpens and she is able to focus at different distances, but prefers to look at what is close by - within 3 feet. In a few weeks, she will be able to focus on near and distant objects just like adults do. Her eye movement is less jerky now.

Baby can lift Head:

Strength and body control continues to increase. He can now lift his head easily when on tummy. When you hold baby, he may push away to look over your shoulder. He can even turn his head when lying on his stomach. Help your baby build his strength.
Frequently hold baby to your shoulder so he can look around.
Place baby on his stomach in different settings - the living room floor, bed so that he is exposed to new and interesting surroundings; always stay close by.
When on tummy, dangle a favorite toy few inches in front of him. Raise the toy slowly while encouraging him to push up, up on his arms to keep toy within view.

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