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6 months Old Baby (21 to 24 weeks)

Your baby now enters into an 'age of exploration'. Months of practice since birth bear fruit now as baby has perfected her skills in eye-hand coordination, grasping skills and arm skills. Most important achievement however is her ability to sit all by herself. Her hands are free for play, and to grab things within reach. These new skills however mean new potential dangers. Now is the right time to consider baby proofing. You will also notice social and emotional development skills, when most babies this age begin making sounds like ma, ba, da, and pa. Your baby also demonstrates her closeness to parents in a different way; seeks comfort and solace from Mom, excitement and stimulation from Dad.

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Holds bottle:

He may hold his own bottle now. He may use his fingers to pick up something. He passes items from hand to hand and lifts, shakes, pushes, and tosses things close to him.

Chews and bites objects:

In addition to mouthing his toys and stuffs around him, baby may chew or bite them - yet another way of learning more about his environment. Just be sure the objects around him are safe to bite or chew on.

Ability to Sit:

His strength is increasing, so he can sit briefly without any support. When he starts to tip over, he may place one hand on the floor to keep himself erect for a short while. This action displays his sense of balance and strength recently acquired.

Baby Vision:

At present, her vision is about 20/50. Things she sees now are only mildly fuzzy. She can see details fairly well now such as patterns on fabrics or details on a face. She is able to distinguish colors quite well now.

Toys and Play

Peek-a-Boo, I see you:

Peekaboo will probably be baby's favorite game from now to some months to come. One reason is that your baby loves the surprise of seeing you reappear after you her sight. Secondly, this game teaches her that you can go away and come back - an important concept for her to learn. Perhaps by experiencing your brief coming and going in a game atmosphere, she becomes better equipped to deal with the real situations. The versions are many but the structure is the same: a person 'disappears' then reappears accompanied by a jolly cry 'Peekaboo, I see you!'

The toy explorer

Here are some shopping guidelines to toys.

• The best toys are still toys that respond with sounds and movements to skills like waving, shaking or pulling. Transparent toys with things that move inside when shaken are often favorites.

• A toy should be easy for baby to pick once she drops it. Babies love to throw or drop toys so look for toys that are raised off the floor and have a handle of some sort for an easy grasp. Toys that lie flat on the floor are not a good idea.

• Toys should be washable since babies still mouth them. Plastic versions are better than, say wooden ones because the latter are heavier and can splinter. Plastic or fabric toys are colorful, light, durable and easy to clean.

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