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17 months Old Baby (65 to 68 weeks)

Your toddler these days is more defiant. Nearing the middle of her second year, she is out to prove her independence and maturity. She purposefully handles things that she knows she shouldn't; she takes forever in doing something knowing that you want her to speed up but she stays adamant. These and some other behaviors are examples of defiance from your toddler showing you that she wants to be the boss sometimes. The examples add up in numbers as your toddler adds up in months. Other problems parents face from the 17 month-old child revolve around bedtime and sleep; many toddlers continue to wake up in the middle of the night; they do whatever they can to stretch the bedtime routine or they wake up real early much to your chagrin.

Things your toddler can do AT THIS STAGE

• use two words

• drink from a cup

Things your toddler will probably be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• build a tower of 2 blocks

Things your toddler may possibly do AT THIS STAGE

• walk up steps

• remove an article of clothing

• 'feed' a doll

Things your toddler may even be able to do AT THIS STAGE

• build a tower of 4 blocks/cubes

• identify 2 items in a picture by pointing

• combine words

• throw a ball overhand

• speak and be understood half the time

The Extras

Girls' behavior

Girls tend to develop social skills and enjoy the company of other people far earlier than boys. While no child conforms to a stereotype, girls generally:

• Are more sociable than boys and form closer friendships from an earlier age.

• Are more compliant with adult requests than boys tend to be in early childhood

• Show fewer competitive traits are less socially aggressive and dominant

• Cope far more easily with physical, emotional and intellectual stress than boys

Boys' behavior

Boys tend to be slower to develop social skills than girls but not all boys will show the following traits to a marked degree. The point of knowing these difficulties with social development is so that you cane help, encourage and praise your child's efforts. Broadly speaking boys:

• Tend to be slower to develop social skills

• Are far more socially aggressive than girls

• Have more friendships than girls but they tend to be superficial and short-lived

• Are more emotionally vulnerable than girls

• Tend to have more behavioral problems especially in the company of authority figures.

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