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5 months Old Baby (17 to 20 weeks)

Now your five month old is on his way to becoming more active. He is able to roll from front to back or back to front and is therefore able to bring himself closer to things he wants. The skill to use his fingers is increasing. He can use both hands e.g. holds a toy in one hand while he explores the details with the other. Your baby is probably attentive to sounds - searches quickly and correctly for sounds that are out of sight. He will enjoy music and rhythm. Mirrors are usually his favorite - mirror games are fun ways to support his growing self identity. Your baby is getting stronger and more coordinated; many are able to sit with minimal support for a few moments, before tumbling over.

Milestones - your Baby's progress report

Anticipates some outcomes, but not others:

Baby is learning to anticipate the outcomes of certain actions. He demonstrates this skill when he reaches for his bottle to satisfy his hunger or shakes his rattle to make noise. He looks for an object when it drops. Baby knows where his hands are when they disappear but cant find a hidden object yet even when he watches you hide it.

Baby's personality:

Other emotions and aspects of his personality are revealed about now. Your baby may be quiet and contemplative or active and babbling. He may be physical and concentrate his energies on constantly moving. Or he may focus on one task excluding many others. He may be 'easy' or 'high-maintenance'. Whatever his personality, your baby is unique.


It is never too early to begin. Researchers say that children learn languages most easily between birth and age 10. You can expose your child to different languages at this time and not limit baby to one language. A baby can learn a foreign language with the same ease as he learns his native language. If both parents each speak a different language, he can learn both languages if they are spoken to him. Baby can be bilingual or even multilingual if his grandparents use a third language. It's a matter of exposure.

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