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FAQs on Labor Pains
  Is there a way to predict how long my labor will last?
  Is it true that you lose control in labor?
  Can water, shower and bath help with managing the pain?
  I am afraid of having an epidural but I feel I should have one. Any advice?
  I have heard that birth ball and even moving around helps with the pain. Is this true?
  What is a trial labor and why is it done?
  Why is labor painful?
  What is fetoplacental clock and how does it trigger labor?
  I heard it is common to poop during labor. What if I poop on the delivery table?
  There are so many fears to deal with since this is my first time. I don't know how to go about it. Please help.

Is there a way to predict how long my labor will last?

It is hard to tell because every labor is different, every pregnancy is different and every woman is different. Labor is considered established once the contractions are regular and keeps intensifying until delivery. Then there is the latent phase to consider which can last for 6 hours or more in first-time mothers. As a general rule, labor for first time mums last for some 12-24 hours. For subsequent births labor period tends to shorten provided there are no other complications. For some women who have had vaginal deliveries before, labor can be rather short lasting a brief 2-3 hours or even minutes. Whatever the case may be it is best to talk to your caregiver if you suspect your labor has started.

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