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When to have Another Baby (18 months old Toddler)

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' time

to have another baby. Having children closely spaced can present a host of challenges in the short run but an efficient use of time in the long run. Having children further apart may give you more rest in between but reintroduce those sleepless nights when you may be less able to handle them. If sibling friendship is the issue, it is more a matter of fate than family planning; the more similar the siblings are in temperament and interest, the greater their closeness. Age difference is not a proven criteria for closeness or rivalry. However, most experts agree that less than eighteen months between pregnancies is stressful to the mother's body and may rob the older child of the chance to be the baby of the family. Others believe that a two and half to three year gap is ideal because it is long enough to allow adequate time for number one child to be number one. Still, this span may not be right for you. It is probably better to look for answers closer to home: consider your ages, your health, how quickly you recovered from your previous pregnancy and delivery, your energy level, your toddler's needs, your professions to name a few. Try to evaluate and determine these events' impact on another pregnancy and another baby. Examine your feelings as well: if you need more time then wait; if you feel now is the time then go ahead. It all boils down to your choice. Contemplate, discuss and weigh the pros and cons but don't overanalyze.

To have one or more

is a very personal choice. Today, more and more parents opt to have only one child; the reasons are plenty and age seems to top the list. Hectic lifestyle, precarious finances and concern about overpopulation are some other reasons that work at discouraging family expansion. Recent studies indicate that one-child families are as happy and contented as families with two or more children. One study found that only children are likely to be as happy and emotionally healthy as children from larger families. On the average, they performed better academically than children with siblings - possibly because being the only one brought them more autonomy, self-confidence and less fear of competition. Sibling or no sibling, every child who is raised with love and support has a good chance of growing up to be happy and successful. Deciding to have another child should be a choice based on your feelings and circumstances and not on some research, statistics or studies.

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